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Winter fishing

Winter fishing

Winter fishing - special fascination. And every self-respecting fisherman once out on the ice pond. Ice fishing fans are confident that winter fishing helps to relieve stress, improve mood and strengthen immunity unnerved over the winter.

Guests "White Beach" is more than just ice fishing, but also a warm house with a hot bathhouse. Directly from the base descent on an ice floe, you will see the Yenisei in all its glory, feel the purity of a little nipping frosty air and feel the fatigue falls from her shoulders.

Siberian River North are not only high quality fishing, but also stunning beauty. Nothing will give such a great feeling, as the output of the crystal ice Yenisei. And nothing will give the same heady delight as produced winter trophy. No wonder most of the fishermen say that winter fishing a special charm, and in the winter soup special taste.

Come to us to rest and get on winter fishing maximum pleasure!

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