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Saratov swamp

Saratov swamp

Many in our world wonderful and beautiful corners. Some of them are hiding in the forest or jungle of inaccessible cliffs, others are located on remote islands or hiding in the depths of the sea. But there are some that are very close, it is worth just a little drive a car or simply on foot. One of these amazing places - Saratov swamp. It is the Krasnoyarsk region, 60 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk and the city of Saratov is irrelevant.

Saratov swamp - it's old, now heavily overgrown, the channel of the Yenisei. It has a width of from 800 to 1400 m and a length of about 10 km. Swamps along the coast stretches band hummocky, and then spread out a solid carpet of interwoven roots of marsh vegetation: reeds, cattails, sedges, ferns and watches, and under it - a few meters of water. You walk along this carpet - and it sways and bends underfoot. Where continuous thickets located cattail or watch, especially fragile vegetation. In some places there are windows and open water.

On the right, low, shore swamp a pine forest, interspersed with numerous small, heavily overgrown swamp. Left bank of tall, steep in places, covered with steppe vegetation and thickets of wild rose. Next - field crops, interspersed with crops of alfalfa and small groves of aspen, bird cherry.

From mid-August to late September Saratov swamp and adjoining fields become crowded places predotletnyh gray crane flocks. On some days you can see up to 1,000 of these majestic and beautiful birds. Cranes gather here with almost the entire territory of our region, which lies to the north of Krasnoyarsk.

Saratov swamp is also crucial to the existence and reproduction of populations of waterbirds, including the Red Book of the Russian Federation In order to preserve this biodiversity, part of an area of ​​9 km2 declared a natural monument.

Since early September, the cranes begin to leave the swamp Saratov to continue their way to wintering grounds. While relaxing on the basis of "White Coast", you will be able to visit this wonderful natural monument or vasradostyu organize tour.

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