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Temple in Baltschug

Temple in Baltschug
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Large village Baltchug located on the right bank of the Yenisei 72 km north of Krasnoyarsk and 30 km from the district center Suhobuzimo - former parish village. Until 1906, the village, populated mostly old residents, was part of the parish Atamanovsky existing since 1777. However, as the population of the Greater Baltschug caused by the influx of immigrants from European Russia, and from any inconvenience messages between Great Balchugov, situated on the right bank of the Yenisei, and the left bank Atamanovo villagers decided to build their own church.

Construction history of the church is. According to the records studied by us Klirovye statements partially preserved church archives, laying wooden church in the village of Great Baltchug held June 18, 1906 (According GAKK ). Diploma tab Church was signed by Bishop Yenisey Krasnoyarsk and Euthymius. In this connection it should be noted that the date of construction of the Intercession Church indicated in the passport for an architectural monument, which was drafted in 1986 a researcher prieniseyskoy architecture Greenberg YI not quite accurate. The building was begun, not in 1908, as indicated by Greenberg JI, but two years earlier - in 1906 (According GAKK ). According to the recollections of old residents of the construction work on the building carpenter gang led from Krasnoyarsk. In the construction of the temple took active part peasants Greater Baltschug, Novonikolaevsk, Podporozhenskoy and Ust -Kan villages. Apparently, a year earlier villagers Large Baltchug in accordance with the long established order gathered at the gathering, which decided to build a wooden church. The residents of the Greater Baltschug together with the population of the neighboring villages have committed themselves to each other about the layout of the sum of money needed for the construction of the temple, free delivery of building materials and content of the future church and its clergy.

place for laying the building was chosen at the center of the village, a few meters from the banks of the Yenisei. In accordance with the order at the time of the building together with the drawings for approval to the department Construction necessarily represent master plans" by new construction areas around the churches," as well as a copy of the soil survey on land designated for the construction. In some cases, at the request of the Building department, insisting on justifying the future location of the church, representatives of the construction department, together with the priests carried out a field visit, and where there is a choice site. So, in 1898 the Yenisei provincial architect Alexander Alexandrovich Folbaumom, together with the priest was made V.Olofinskim inspection area in the village of Ostrog Minusinskogo County. They plot was selected at the western end of the village, due to the fact that it was located on a flat hill, dominating over the whole village and was visible from all sides (According GAKK ).

In May 1897 when selecting a site for construction of a stone church in the village priest Kocherginskaya district Minusinskogo Kocherginskaya Ascension Church and county assessor Minusinskogo second portion of the county was determined that the "best and most convenient location for the temple, which is old temple, not rendered" (According GAKK ) . In this regard, it was decided to build a new stone church at 12 yards from the existing wood, which was very favorable in relation to an urban location.

While relaxing on the basis of "White Coast" , you will be able to visit this wonderful landmark or you are happy to arrange a tour to the Great Baltchug.

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